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Special Economic Zone to be established -MICT.

A discussion forum was held in MICT Park in a bid to draw up draft law for SEZ. Forum for suggestions to enact the law for SEZ from ICT Business persons aimed to be a brain storms session led by the Ministry of Commerce and attended by members of Myanmar Computer Industry Association during last week.

13 types of investments can be made in the SEZ with their own strengths of weakness Foreign investment with imported raw and export of finished product; foreign investment with imported raw as well as local raw and export finished goods, Joint venture of foreign & local establishment with imported raw, produce & export; are among the investment types according to Zaw Naing, executive member at Myanmar Computer Professional Association. He also said the SEZ — headed by Commerce Ministry— will be established next year after draft law is in place therefore inventors are well protected. The law will also allow 7 types of 100% foreign investments. Local inventors at SEZ can import.


Press Release of The Fifth ICT Week Exhibition

In these days of technology, the advance of IT is rising all around the world and services of technological products are also amazing. Myanmar is also trying to catch the advanced technology like other countries.

On the other hand, the government is also conducting ICT week exhibition in every year in order to apply and gain knowledge of new technologies and technological products for everyone, especially for new generation. In previous ICT week exhibitions, business men, technicians, students and families visited and discovered the latest technologies. Now, the fifth ICT exhibition is going to be conducted from 29th of Apr to 1st of May at Tatmadaw Convention Centre. The exhibition will cover computer accessories, Video conferencing system, Internet service, security service, computer training course and other technological products and services. In addition there will be lucky draw program, showing how to use latest technologies and selling technological products with discount. On the top of that, more advanced and latest technologies such as KY-1000 Public Exchange, Single Line Telephone(Gaoxingi), CCTV cameras, ACCESS Control System, Walkthrough Metal Defector , Handheld Metal Defector (Security Device for Buildings, Super Markets and etc. ) will be explained at this year exhibition. Moreover, basic technology to use Internet will be taught free. 73 ICT companies will participate and the companies list are showing at ICT Show Page. The size of booths is 8’ x 3’ and the rental fee is from $200 to $ 400.

In conclusion, ICT week exhibition has been conducting successfully until now. By performing those ICT week exhibitions, the citizens not only can learn the latest and advanced information technologies but also can use them. Therefore, we can learn and see the latest technological products in this ICT week exhibition more than previous ICT week exhibitions.


MICTDC was established in 2001 with the primary function to assist in Myanmar’s quest to establish a significant presence in the Information & Communication Technology industry.Modeled to develop Myanmar’s software industry, the MICT Park facility is designed to provide tenants the opportunity to create products & services in order to compete in today’s global market place. Broadband Internet will be available to MICT park residents together with instant connectivity to all regions of Myanmar via VSAT communications.

In early 2001, Myanmar Computer Federation on having an Information & Communication Technology MICT Park in Yangon. This ICT Park will provide the opportunity for various private IT companies to use cutting edge technological products, moreover to provide quality services to interested customers worldwide.

To ensure that the most modern telecommunication technology is available to the MICT Park and to further augment the networking of corporation nationwide, the government granted Bagan Cybertech Company Limited the rights to establish a Teleport Facility. This Teleport Facility located adjacent to the MICT Park will highlight VSAT Technology for country wide networking together with capabilities for the provision of other telecom services such as wireless and fibre optic local loops, VoIp gateway, Data Center Services, Internet & Intranet gateway services and so on.

With the full support of the government of the Union of Myanmar, Bagan Cybertech Limited and the Myanmar ICT Park are positioned to cater to today’s global customer.

Objectives of Myanmar ICT Park

Our Vision

ICT will provide opportunites to leapfrog the social economic development of the country.

Our Goal
To establish Myanmar as a software developer and exporter.

Our Strategy
Develop an ICT Park with international-level facilities.

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